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10 Signs You Aren’t Respecting Yourself

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You may be disrespecting yourself if:

1. You find yourself consenting to time-consuming commitments that aren’t both non-important to you and for which you haven’t adequate the time.

2. You pretend you’re a person you aren’t to gain the favor of others.

3. You often agree what other people say as to not offend them.

4. You consistently put the needs of others before your own.

5. You feel guilty doing what you feel is right if it’s contrary to the advice you’ve been given by someone else.

6. When you’re correcting someone’s misconceptions against you and you don’t defend yourself.

7. You regularly conceal how your feelings.

8. You seek overt outside attention.

9. You make constant attempts to please others and they take advantage of you and take you for granted.

10. You surround yourself with toxic people.

Source: http://www.viralnovelty.net/10-signs-arent-respecting

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