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 Due to circumstances beyond my control I am master of my fate and captain of my soul.  [Ashleigh Brilliant]
Today, at this very moment, what is your life like? Do you have a life plan, or are you, like most of us, simply flying by the seat of your pants? Time waits for no man – or woman. Figure out what is truly important in your life. It is the first step towards taking charge.  
  1. Choose a focus for your introspection. Good ones include goals, career, money, family, spirituality, and love.
  2. Set some time aside for yourself. Get up earlier or later than your family, or find a quiet space where you can sit and think. Some people think better while doing some other simple task (such as laundry) or while walking. Find out what works for you.
  3. Take stock. What is your life all about? What is your purpose in it? What are you good at? What could you improve?

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