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>AllMyApps is a Windows App Store

>AllMyApps is a Windows App Store: “
We have seen app store for iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone 7. But an app store for Windows is a new idea and AllMyApps does exactly the same. AllMyApps allows users to search, find and download freeware application for Windows. You need to create a free account with AllMyApps and once created, you can start adding apps you want to install to the lists. Apps are grouped by category like utilities, security, office, video, and communication etc.


If you select any application, it shows the basic details of the app like download size, current version etc along with a screenshot. To start installing the apps, you need to first download and install AllMyApps application on your desktop.

List of Applications

You can create any number of application lists and then share them with your friends using Twitter or Facebook. AllMyApps comes with almost all popular freeware tools like Firefox, Open Office, VLC player, CCleaner etc.

AllMyApps is a very good application store for Windows and we can expect this to be the one stop store for all paid and free applications in future.


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